Craig Capurso’s Ultimate Chest Workout

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Cellucor-sponsored athlete Craig Capurso is aware of tips on how to problem your energy, your endurance, even your neurological output, all within the title of constructing severe muscle.

It could appear easy and simple, but when we all know Capurso, we all know this chest exercise goes to be one hell of a journey.

Craig Capurso’s Final Chest Exercise



Tabata: eight rounds

eight units, 20 seconds work (10 seconds relaxation)



Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip

Cluster set.

1 set, 12 reps


Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip

1 set, Four minutes (AMRAP)


Svend Press

Svend Press to Dumbbell pull-over. Carry out mendacity on bench.

1 set, Four minutes (AMRAP)


2 units, Ascending unilateral reps


eight units, 20 seconds work (10 seconds relaxation)

Seated Machine Fly

This primary train must be completed Tabata-style, a fast-paced modality the place you get 20 seconds to carry out every set, but solely half that a lot, 10 seconds, to relaxation in between them.

“We’re making an attempt to heat you up dynamically with this train,” explains Capurso. The practically continuous tempo of Tabata helps heat you up by bringing blood and oxygen to the muscle bellies. The clock runs constantly, so eight rounds of Tabata ought to take solely Four minutes to finish.

Incline Dumbbell Press

For this train, modify the rep ranges primarily based off the proportion of your one rep max (1RM) that you simply elevate for every set. The primary set is 15 reps at 65 % of 1RM, then 75 % for 10 reps, and 85 % for five reps. Relaxation 2 minutes between every set.

Incline Dumbbell Press

Ensure that your elbows are locked in at your sides by your lats. The elevate’s tempo must be three counts to decrease the load, adopted by a 2-second press again up.

Barbell Bench Press

Per Capurso, this exercise is about constructing quantity by stress and depth. Power can also be an element of neurological output, so he provides cluster units to problem each your muscular energy and your central nervous system.

“A cluster set is often 85 % of your 1RM, performing Four-6 reps at a time, resting 10-20 seconds in between,” explains Capurso.

Go for as many reps as you may every time till your type fails. Relaxation for 10-20 seconds earlier than going for an additional few reps. Full 12 reps on this vogue, lifting at 85 % of your 1RM. Relaxation 2 minutes earlier than beginning the subsequent cluster set.

The following set follows the identical cluster set method, solely this time with a Four-minute time cap. Hold the identical 85-percent weight over the course of the Four minutes and see what number of reps you will get. It is mainly an prolonged AMRAP interval.

“Utilizing cluster-set protocol, you may most likely get about three reps in your first attempt,” explains Capurso. “After 20 seconds, you may drop right down to 2 reps, then 1. Ensure that your type is nice. Full every rep as you may, resting 10-20 seconds, and repeat till you attain your aim, whether or not it is 12 reps or Four minutes.”

Dumbbell Svend Press to Pull-over

This train is 2 workout routines in a single. It begins with a horizontal Svend chest press from the bench, then Capurso takes the dumbbell behind his head for a pull-over.

“Solely elevate about 50 % of your 1RM right here,” says Capurso, “as a result of you are going to give your self Four minutes to do as many reps as you may. It should get a bit heavy.”

Dumbbell Svend

Carry out an isometric contraction on the Svend press, squeezing your arms collectively as you convey the load up. Take a small break as you convey the load over your head for the pull-over. Resume the isometric contraction as you convey the load again down.

Unilateral Seated Machine Fly

Now, again to the machine fly, this time for unilateral ascending reps. Unilateral means utilizing one facet at a time. For this train, you may elevate about 75 % of your 1RM.

As Capurso explains, ascending reps work like this: Do 1 rep with the appropriate, 1 with the left, then 2 reps with the appropriate, 2 with the left, all the best way as much as 6 with the appropriate and 6 with the left. This provides you 21 reps per facet. Relaxation 2 minutes. Repeat this ascending rep scheme once more, working your means as much as 6 reps on either side.


The ultimate train is Tabata push-ups, however after all Capurso finds a means so as to add extra depth.

“As a substitute of doing regular push-ups, you may do explosive push-ups,” says Capurso. “I am actually making an attempt to get you to blow up off the bottom.”

For explosive push-ups, decrease your physique till your chest touches the ground. Raise your palms on the backside and instantly press your palms again down in opposition to the bottom, pushing up explosively with every rep. Repeat the identical Tabata-style modality of 20 seconds of labor, 10 seconds of relaxation, for eight whole rounds.


“This exercise is designed to construct your energy and endurance,” says Capurso. “The neurological output goes by the roof!”

Capurso recommends doing this exercise each different week. For those who prefer it, ensure you attempt certainly one of Capurso’s different final exercises.

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